The Legend

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smiling.jpg "I would like to meet every one of you personally if such a thing were possible. But as it isn't possible, I want you to believe right now that Mordecai Brown's hand is reaching out to you in the distance and wishing you - good luck boys, good luck."
Mordecai Brown,
(from a 1913 Chicago publication)

Mordecai Brown's own words sum up our desire for what you will find throughout the following pages. Our hope is that you will grow to know Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown in as much as if you had just met him on the ball field. Mordecai spent a lifetime making friends out of strangers. We welcome you to become a friend of the great baseball legend, Mordecai Brown.

Please visit us often and browse the pages of the official Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown website. Updates and happenings will be posted for all things Mordecai Brown. As a fan you will be delighted, as a friend you will be included.

Scott Brown
President of The Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation


1904 Chicago Cubs