The Legend

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Welcome from Scott Brown

Thank you for stopping by the Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown Virtual Museum. There is so much to see and explore here. I hope that you will come back and visit us often, as the museum itself will continue to grow and expand in a wide variety of exhibits dedicated to Mordecai Brown and his life. The museum's goal is to preserve and build on the rich heritage of Mordecai Brown and the grand game that he loved - baseball.

This virtual museum fills a desire that I have had for many years. That desire was for a special place where people could come and learn about my celebrated family member. This is a place where fans and friends can explore and discover what Mordecai Brown was like in real life and what inspired him to accomplish all of those wonderful feats on the baseball diamond.

So much has been written and theorized about Mordecai Brown, that people tend to forget that he was a regular fellow just like the rest of us. In remembering this we can be assured, that by following the examples of Three Finger Brown, we too can overcome our own personal obstacles and achieve a life of excellence.

I hope that this virtual museum will help you to better understand Mordecai Brown as the man behind the myth. As mentioned before, this museum will continue to grow in content, information, and exhibits. We shall endeavor to tell the full story of this great man, through the effective use of photographs, memories, and artifacts relating to his legacy.

At this time a permanent, on location and interactive Mordecai Brown exhibit is being proposed. With the release of Mordecai's first ever full length biography, renewed interest in his life and career is increasing rapidly. This walk through collection will house never before published images, personal memories, original publications, family items, and a vast spectrum of Mordecai Brown related artifacts. Please return often for news and updates on the development of this project.

scott.jpgCome now and enjoy the life of Mordecai Brown.


Scott Brown
President of The Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation

Biographical material by Cindy Thomson - SABR Bio Project

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