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Mordecai Brown
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Mordecai Brown spent the span of his entire life proving that personal obstacles and adversities can be turned into all star excellence. He made clear that the difference between those who succeed past their adversities, and those who fall short, is many times just a matter of attitude towards the task at hand.


Mordecai was once asked by a reporter how he thought that he would pitch if he had the use of all of his fingers. His reply to the reporter was classic Brown; "Well I don't know. Three is all that I have ever had to work with". This was his attitude in all things. Use what you have, and do the best you can with it.

In a baseball training course for young boys, Mordecai stressed the necessity for daily practice. Knowing that some of the young people receiving his instruction experienced the same challenges that he had overcome, Mordecai encouraged them to continue practicing towards success even if the proper equipment was not available to them. "If you don't have a baseball, use a rock or potato. Anything the same size and shape will work. Just practice."

Mordecai Brown never promoted the idea of "just get by and make do". His was an attitude that every obstacle was an opportunity to achieve and advance. It is upon Mordecai's personal determination and mind set for accomplishment that Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation has been established. The belief of Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation is that every child, regardless of situation, should be given the opportunity to see that they can achieve a life of Excellence Over Adversity.