Scott Brown


Scott Brown Scott was born and raised in Southwestern Ohio under the shadow of Cincinnati's Big Red Machine. Baseball was the second language in the Brown household. It was not until some years later that Scott began to realize that his connection to our National Pastime ran much deeper than just his baseball card collection.

Through Scott's interest in family genealogy and historical research, he rediscovered his bloodline to the great National League pitcher Mordecai Brown. Partnering with his cousin, Cindy Thomson, he joined his passion for baseball and family history, to co-author Three Finger: The Mordecai Brown Story.

Scott has always had a passion to see children advance past their personal limitations, and achieve excellence in every endeavor. Having overcome childhood health limitations of his own, he understands the physical and emotional hurdles that can stand in the way of a child seeing themselves as victorious. Scott’s desire for a generation of youth, which stands on a foundation of success, has taken him from volunteer work in various children’s programs, to serving as the Dean of Students for the Brownsville School of Ministry, to founding the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation.

The Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation was birthed on the principle of EXCELLECE OVER ADVERSITY. Mordecai Brown spent a lifetime mentoring youth towards over coming life’s obstacles and climbing to greater horizons. This principal is a badge of purpose which has been worn by both Scott and Mordecai Brown.

Scott and his wife Dawn have three children Zachary, Kaitlyn, and Aaron. Scott is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research, the Old Timers Baseball Association of Chicago, and a charter member of the Diamond Brotherhood. With the release of Three Finger: The Mordecai Brown Story, both Scott and Cindy are available for talks, signings, and special events.

Scott may be contacted at here.