Bob Terhune

Bob Terhune Robert Max 'Bob' Terhune Jr. was born in Dayton, Ohio. All western film fans have seen Bob Terhune’s work in films such as RIO BRAVO, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, and CAHILL U.S. MARSHALL. Bob’s list of film credits covers some of the most beloved movies of all time.

However, a large portion of Bob's Hollywood work was not delivering lines before the camera. Instead, he became a hard working, unsung hero, doing stunt work and doubling for stars like John Wayne and Forrest Tucker. Bob is also well known as a mentor to young stuntmen just starting out. Although retired from Hollywood, he has often been called upon for advice from his vast knowledge of the motion picture industry.

Bob is a lifetime member of the Stuntman’s Association of Motion Pictures. He can still be seen in the rerun episodes of televisions western glory days, from DANIEL BOONE and RAWHIDE to BONANZA and GUN SMOKE.