Quotes and Comments

“It’s interesting that Mordecai Brown pitched fifty years before I showed up, and yet we stood on the same field. We both hurled a ball toward a batter standing in virtually the same location…… We both won a lot of games for the Cubs; he won the second highest number of games for the club, and I’m number five. We both managed to pitch several shutouts in the Windy City. It’s my honor to have been the pitcher who broke one of Three Finger’s records. Until I finished my sixth consecutive season of more than 20 wins, in 1972, Mordecai had been the only Cub to do it.”FERGIE JENKINS
“When it comes to smoothing over internal troubles, and patching up trouble spots on a ball club, Brown is a thirty-three degree diplomat.”

“Brown, to my way of thinking, is the most courageous pitcher in the history of baseball…. Cool as a deep-sea fish and brave as a lion, nothing fazes him.”ORVAL OVERALL

“Let’s get one run ahead with Brown in the box, and we are sure to win.”

“….the minute our eyes met-the first time I went to bat I knew I was up against a man of undying nerve-a man who would stick and fight until the very end….”FRANK CHANCE

“Brown is my idea of the almost perfect pitcher… It will usually be found at the end of a season, that he has taken part in more key games than any other pitcher in baseball.”

“A catchers efficiency as a thrower depends largely on the pitcher’s ability to have good enough control of the ball, to be able to pitch out when necessary. Brown helps a catcher by the way he watches the bases, not permitting the runners to take any lead on him.”CHRISTY MATHEWSON

‘Miner’ Brown is one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, and a remarkable fielder at all times.”TY COBB
“One time I was warming up Brown and Bill Klem, the umpire, pushed me aside. He put a piece of paper the size of a half dollar on the ground. ‘ That’s the only target that fellow needs to pitch to’, Klem said, and he was right.”JIMMY ARCHER
“Let’s hang their names from the flagpole at Wrigley to properly honor their greatness. Pitching has always been the ‘name of the game’, and they certainly would add further grandeur to the Cubs at Wrigley Field.”GORDIE GILLESPIE, COLLEGE BASEBALL’S WINNINGEST COACH
“Remembering Mordecai Brown through out the Wabash Valley is something that is as everyday as Coca Cola or the fall leaves in October in Southwest Indiana.”CHMARK BENNETT, COLUMNIST FOR THE TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE STAR