The Diamond Brotherhood

As an initiative of the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation the Diamond Brotherhood is organized to foster interest in baseball and promote baseball activities. We recognize that by creating opportunities in baseball endeavors, we are ensuring a stable influence in development of better players as well as better citizens for the future.

During the winter of 1912 Brown released his vision for the Mordecai Brown School of Baseball, later to be the Diamond Brotherhood. The program was designed to promote not only the art and excellence of athletics, but that of life skills also. The concept was instrumental in providing what Brown stated as, “Self-reliance, independence, ability to think, to judge between right and wrong, to act promptly upon a decision. These benefits are apparent not only on the baseball diamond, but in the business world, in the school room, as well as in the social world and home.”

Current endeavors within the Diamond Brotherhood through the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation include Provision of Wood Bats to partnering Collegiate Summer League teams and Personal Life Goal Resources to players and coaches of partnering Collegiate Summer League teams.

The American Sports Association

The American Sports Association was originally formed in 1936 in Terre Haute, Indiana, as an athletic advocacy organization to promote sporting opportunities in local communities and the world of sports. Founded by a group of prominent businessmen and professional sportsmen, the ASA quickly became of a major encourager of sporting activities as a powerful influence in developing and stimulating better sports for the future. Among the original members were Mordecai Brown, Vernon McMillan, Jim Elliott, and Vic Aldridge.

Now as an initiative of the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation the re-formed ASA stands as a model for community engagement, generating financial and voluntary contributions as well as activity resources, to make lasting improvements in the world of sports. By selecting strategic sporting, athletic and educational resources, the American Sports Association emphasizes the mental, physical, and technical aspects of each sport, while focusing on developing the individual into an integral member of society and an effective leader in their own community.

Current endeavors within the ASA through the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation include Athletic and Outdoor Sports Equipment Reference Library for educational and hands-on instruction and Provision of Baseball and Athletic Equipment for the promotion of athleticism and personal development in sportsmen and sportswomen domestically and internationally.

7th & Cherry Publishing

Mordecai Brown became acquainted with writing and publishing in 1913 with the help of Chicago newspaper magnate, W.D. Boyce. Brown authored How To Pitch Curves, an instructional series for baseball and life skills. Over one hundred years later, Mordecai’s writing debut publications are still sought for their wealth of insight and historical value.

Named for the Terre Haute, Indiana location of Three Finger Brown’s office of operation in the latter part of his life, 7th & Cherry Publishing is an initiative of the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation. 7th & Cherry Publishing will produce new titles and annotated historical reprints, as well as offer networking connectivity for aspiring writers and illustrators.

As part of our mission, we will also assist young, under-resourced and under-served authors and artists to help improve their ability to envision, produce and publish their literary dream. We will do so by creating mentoring opportunities with the goal of publishing books, graphic novels, sequential art, and related works, to help the author/artist launch their dream in their chosen expression.

In providing direction and inspiration to our graphic arts authors and artists, the sequential art division of 7th & Cherry Publishing will maintain and grow of a visual reference library of publications and figure models.